Blackmores Sydney Running Festival: is a fun run for every body

Today 35,000 Aussies walked, trotted, jogged and ran distances from 4km to 42km as part of the Blackmores Running Festical, and I was one of them. So were other friends of mine Jacqui Wisemantel, Tara Diversi, Emma Miller, David Goulter and I am sure others!

I was amazed at the hundreds of people meeting below the Sydney Harbour Bridge at 6am. In my mind, I was thinking there maybe a few hundred but there must have been 5000 plus people. There was a real buzz as everyone was keen to start their 21km – after of course joining the 30 minute line to use the stinky porta-loos!

By choice, I probably wouldn’t have registered. I completed a half marathon 2 years ago and had no real interest to do one again. My peers however felt that I needed a goal to motivate me to train consistently and with intensity. They decided for me that I should do the run – my legs at the moment are not thanking them!

10 weeks of the flu on and off meant my training had been zero. I literally had not run for 10 weeks. But I figured that I could set a benchmark for my time with no training! So I was not expecting a good time or even a ‘fun’ time. As you can imagine beyond 10km, I entered the house of pain! Which meant my mind wandered and here is a summary of my thoughts:

  • A fun run is an awesome opportunity to market your brand. The visual impact of runners wearing your brand is awesome. Today, the stand out brands were Can Too; Vision Personal Training; Starlight Foundation; and Sydney Survivors. I saw, whatappeared to be 100′s of people wearing the bring orange, red, yellow and organge shirts.
  • You don’t have to be skinny and young to compete. This was a fun run with people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels who were not competing but rather participating. In my opinion, that is the essence of not just a fun run but exercise in general – participation.
  • More women were running today. I am not 100% sure if this is accurate or it was just that at my pace there were more women than men but I was conscious of seeing way more ladies slogging it out. But my greater concern was that many women were not wearing the most supportive bras. This can be quite serious for women and there would be lots of women who just don’t have sore legs tonite!
  • A critical component to the runner’s equipment is music. I am not sure what many of would have done before the Shuffle, Nano and iPod. But what I found even more amazing was that people were stopping on the course and taking photos of each other doing the run – wish I had that much energy!
  • Many personal trainers were supporting their clients by running with them. What a effort and awesome customer care for people’s goals. I find this awesome! Well done PTers!
  • Completing a fun run is about achieving something. For over 2 hours your body says stop or walk or even just take a little break. But your mind says “Keep going!” And at the end of your run, the time is not important but the fact you have achieved something. The emotional reward keeps you smiling!

The sense of achievement is the addicative aspect of a fun run I think. So I will be back next year and with some serious training, will do much better -  I hope! So lock in the 2012 date and join me!

Justin Tamsett & Zoe after the Blackmores Running Festival

JT & Zoe

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  • Jacqui Wisemantel

    JT, thanks for sharing your thoughts – I too started to let my mind wander after the 12km mark to try and focus on something positive about what I was doing rather than the pain in my toes, feet, legs, arms, head etc etc.
    I have to say I love your point about the ladies running, and yes there was definitely more than even before which was fantastic – but I too noticed the serious lack of sports bras…what is going on??? Maybe Triumph or Berlei should become a sponsor and sell some at the start line!?
    Great to see you and share the “fun run” with you, was definitely motivational for me knowing you and other friends were out their sharing the pain and I wasn’t alone. I am very proud to be able to say I have ran a 1/2 marathon – something I never thought I would be able to say.
    See you on the start line in 2012.
    Jac xxx

  • Sean Corbet

    Great effort JT, never been a runner before and did my first 10km this year and will do a half next year. Not sure about the fun but the feeling of accomplishment at the end was great.
    Makes the cuddles with your daughter at the end so much better.