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Status quo challenged

In my key notes, workshops and coaching my clients often say how they enjoy having the “normal” challenged to find new ways of doing business.​

Ideas are so practical

There is no point just presenting theory, in the key notes, workshops and coaching I have to share practical ideas, strategies and examples that you can use.

He can walk in our shoes

I pride myself that I research your industry and your businesses, so that when speaking or consulting I have an understanding of what you do, so the solutions work.

Comfort zone opened up

My goal of every key note, workshop and coaching session is to stretch your comfort zone personally & professionally as this is where the true strength & growth comes.

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Be A Leader In Life And At Work​

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Smile lots

“Nice” is not a biscuit it’s an action

Respectful of time & personal space

There in body & mind

Have your batteries charged

Know your s#*t

Be real . . . The real you

Read, listen and watch from experts

Know where you are going

Be clear on your core values & live them

Support your team

Lead with behaviour

Keep disciplined

Stay focused on the end game

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